Unbeaten Starts Through All Three Bath Divisions!

It’s been a great start to the new season for Pique Boo in our Wednesday night Bath league as they are the only side to remain unbeaten in the Premier League!

Tipping the division courtesy of six straight wins, Pique have already opened up a seven point gap over Inter Milager and they will be looking to try and further extend this, when they go head to head with Bath Spartans tonight!

Championship action sees Inter Milager Top sit at the head of the table also with an unbeaten record after five games! They they face a difficult game tonight however, as they square up to closest rivals The Barley Mohicans Reserves who will be wanting to cut the five point gap down in size!

Lallana’s in Pyjamas are heading up League One at the moment, but with only one game played, this position could swap tonight when four more teams take to the pitch to do battle.

We still have some spaces spare in this superb league and with 26 teams and three divisions, we are confident that we have a standard to fit your team. All you have to do is click here to apply and League Organiser Hal Boxhall-Dockree will get your application processed and ready in no time. Hal can also be contacted by phone on 01937 841440 or by email should you have any questions.

We do 6-a-side … do you?

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