Cup Action Takes Centre Stage In Hastings.

It’s cup action in our Wednesday night Hastings League tonight and with a total of five matches to be played, we may see a clearer picture of who will be qualifying for the finals at the end of the evening!

So far, it’s looking good for both Mighty Bantams and North Star Athletic who top their respective groups, but this is football – it could all change in an instant!!

Our Hasting’s league is a superb one and with 10 teams vying it out for both league and cup glory, we are looking for some more teams to make this league even better!

If you want to apply, all you need to do is click here and apply. We provide FA qualified referees, top quality Mitre match balls & bibs and a superb admin system which is overseen by League Organiser Jon Sykes. You can contact John by email at or by phone on 01937 841440.

Come and join our footballing family.

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