The 13th Not Unlucky For Kings Lynn!

The number 13 may well be seen as unlucky by some people, but certainly not for the 13 teams that are waiting for the new season to kick-off in Kings Lynn next Monday (the 13th!)

Played on the superb new 3G pitch at Alive Lynnsport from 8 till 10pm, you get 40 minute games with FA Qualified referees, top quality Mitre match balls and bibs, our excellent administrative system and even a free cup competition thrown in – all for just £28 per team per week. Added to that is the fact that it is totally FREE to join our leagues, no sign up costs, no admission charges – just the weekly fee quoted above!

We still have spaces available and are looking to add two more teams to the division, so if you have a team and would like to play regular quality 6-a-side football at an amazing venue, then just click here!

League Organiser James Umpleby is ready to take your calls or emails if you have any questions about our Kings Lynn league. He can be contacted on 01937 841440 or

We do 6-a-side … do you?

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