Top Two Clash In Sunday York League!

It could all change at the top of our Sunday night York Sport Village League as leaders Midgets VI take on Ajax Your Legs at 7:30pm.

With just two points separating the pair, if the leaders slip, then Ajax will be sitting pretty at the summit as the league enters its final stages! Hoping that they both can only grind out a draw is Out On Bale who will be able to cut both team’s leads down if they can overcome the challenge of Dave!

This is a smashing league to either end your week or begin the new one (depending on your point of view) and with a new season set to kick-off on the 3rd Dec, we are now accepting applications to join.

All you need to do fill in our online application form, which can be located here and submit it! League Organiser Jon Sykes will get your paperwork processed in no time and should you have a question for him, then all you need to do is phone 01937 841440 or email

We do 6-a-side … do you?

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