Will The Unbeaten Be Toppled In Colchester Tonight?

We will be watching our Wednesday Colchester league with interest tonight to see if current leaders FC Bantalona can continue their unbeaten run, or will second place Webeck Wanderers beat them and reduce their lead to just a single point!

Also unbeaten are newcomers UK Soccer Squad who had a great start to their Mundial life when they beat BC Milan 3-1, this week they have another tough challenge as they face Turnip FC.

We still have a space to fill in this league and if you are interested in getting your team in on the action, they all you have to do is click here to apply. Signing up to any of our leagues is FREE and with FA qualified referees and Mitre match balls and bibs used, you can see that it is top quality all the way!

League Organiser Jon Sykes is available to call on 01937 841440 or email on if you have any questions or comments.

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