Three Clubs Open With Maximum Success!

Last week saw the ball rolling in our new Lancaster Thursday night league and out of the eight teams were had fixtures, three celebrated with maximum points!

Taking the top spot were Volkerbrooks who enjoyed a fine 4-0 win over Riverside Rovers, whilst Lancaster International also notched up the same score against Real Punting. Sliding into third place, courtesy of a 3-2 win over The Force was Pique Blinders.

Ten teams are in action tonight at the superb University of Cumbria venue and we still have space for a couple of new teams!

To get involved, all you have to do is click here and submit our online application form. League Organiser James Umpleby is also available to talk to either by phone (01937 841440) or email (

We do 6-a-side … do you?

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