Top Two Clash In Harlow League Tonight

It’s neck and neck in our Thursday night Harlow league as both Tekkerslovakia and FC Banterlona lead the way with 22 points after 10 games played.

At the moment, it’s Tekkerslovakia who head the division with a plus fifteen goal difference, but just to make it more interesting tonight, it’s the clash of the top two – will one team get the jump over the other, or will both teams have to settle for a point?

We still have space for new teams in this league and if you want to get your squad involved, all you have to do is click here and apply (it’s FREE by the way!)

James Umpleby is the man in charge of this league and he can be contacted either by phone (01937 841440) or by email ( if you have any questions or comments.

We do 6-a-side … do you?

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