Crawley Cup Finals Promise To Be Epic.

It’s Cup Final time in our Thursday night Crawley league tonight and we wish the following teams the best of luck as they compete for the trophy.

  • Palace Saint Germain
  • Pathetico Madrid
  • Benteke Fried Chicken
  • Your Mums Athletic
  • Man Chest Hair United
  • The Boys are Back
  • Poundhill
  • SGFC

The action is set to start at 7pm, with the final being played at 8:30pm and the champions being crowned by 9:15pm.

The new season starts in a couple of weeks and we would love to see some new teams join. If you have a side that you would like to get involved, then simply click here, apply and let League Organiser James Coates do the rest for you. You can also contact James by phone (01937 841440) or by email ( if you have any questions.

Come and join our footballing family.

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