Hogs Hoping Not To Make A Pigs Ear Of It!

Hogs Legends seized an early advantage as the new season of our Tuesday night Isle of Wight league kicked off last week.

With a good 5-1 win over Vectis Rovers, the Legends moved into top position, but had to share the stage with both Scouting for Goals and The Doter who also clocked up three points as well.

With another round of games in store tonight at the Smallbrook Stadium, we will be waiting to see what changes take place in this superb 6-a-side league.

We have spaces for new teams wanting to join and all you have to do is click here and apply. Like all our leagues, it’s FREE to join and you get FA qualified referees, top quality trophies, Mitre matchballs and bibs and our superb administration system.

League Organiser Hal is available to talk to by phone – 01937 841440 or by email – if you have questions that you would like to run past him.

Come and join our footballing family – you won’t regret it.

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