Excitement From Top To Bottom In Hastings!

Wednesday night Hastings League leaders North Star Athletic took full advantage of a shock defeat to closet rivals Harry and his friends last week to stretch their lead to four points, and they will be looking to do the same again this week!

Whilst Athletic were having a mighty battle against The Geri-Hatricks and wining 7-4, Harry and his friends were being beaten 6-4 by Warriors to throw the advantage squarely back to North Star. The big question is can Athletic keep going or will Harry peg them back again!

There is also a great match at the bottom with Warriors hoping to leap out of the bottom three with another win, this time against bottom placed St Pauls, however the basement club will also being eyeing all the points and it has all the makings of an excellent clash.

With space for one more team to join, this league offers not only a competitive setup, but also a friendly environment in which to play one of the UK’s fastest growing sports. If you have a team that would like to play, simply click here and apply – League Organiser Jon Sykes will sort out all the paperwork and get you on the pitch as soon as possible.

Come and join our footballing family!

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