Terms and conditions

INSURANCE – It is the responsibility of individual team members to arrange their own personal injury insurance, Football Mundial cannot be held liable for any injuries. It is strongly recommended that you arrange your own personal injury cover for injuries sustained during play. As team captain all captains agree to advise all my players we are playing at our own risk. Team managers should have contact details for all their players, an emergency contact, plus any relevant medical information.

All team captains must be over the age of 18 and all teams are signed up to a full season. In most leagues teams play each other twice during the season.
LEAVING PROCEDURE – Teams can only leave a league at the end of a published season, to ensure each season’s fixtures are completed.
The registered manager at the time of the team’s withdrawal is wholly responsible on behalf of the team for all monies owed.
Any team leaving the league before the end of the season shall forfeit its deposit balance and remain liable for the full season’s fees. Each team are automatically signed up to a new season unless 4 weeks notice is given prior to the end of the current season.

Any teams playing in Football Mundial leagues are playing on the understanding and agreement that the team is signed up for the full season. Any team wishing to league the league should hand in notice by email to info@footballmundial.com, Football Mundial will then try and replace the team but if this is not possible the team must play until the end of the season.

Full payment is required from each team prior to each game. A late payment fee of £8 will be charged to any team who fails to pay their match fee on time (within 24 hours of a game)

MATCH CANCELLATIONS – Any team participating in our leagues and cancelling a match through the season (or failing to turn up for a match) agree to pay the full match fee on cancellation (your match fee & the opposition) & take a 5-0 defeat. If 3 days notice or more is given the fee will be reduced to £20.

A team may be removed from the league due to non payment of match fees. The team will also be liable for the next 4 weeks match fees (theirs & their opposition fees.)

If any teams opponents do not turn up for a game, the team who have turned up will win 5-0 and be arranged a friendly by the match referee, full payment for the game is required.

Every new team joining are required to pay a £35 fee as a holding deposit which will be refunded at the end of the season as long as no money is outstanding & all matches have been played in the season.