Great Start To Our Oxted League!

The new season kicked off in style in our Monday night Oxted league last week and we saw some impressive scorelines!

Leading the way was Cunning Stunts who handed The Tandridge FCGC a 6-0 defeat, whilst Team GB took second spot with a 4-1 wine over K-Gee FC. There were also wins for Real So So Bad who beat Avit FC 4-2 and Guns & Moses, who overcame Sheffield Monday 2-1.

With all 12-team sin action tonight, we may well see some more high scorelines, but who will get them, that’s the question!

If you have a side you would like to get involved in this smashing league, then click here and apply. It’s free to join and all you pay is a low weekly fee – FA qualified referees, Mitre match balls and bibs and great trophies for you and your team if you win – we provide it all!

Come and experience great 6-a-side football with us – you won’t regret it!

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