Three Divisions To Suit All At Braintree.

With eight games played, Palace have opened a six-point lead over Benteke Fried Chicken in our Braintree Premier League. However, with so many talented teams on this division, the leaders will be taking nothing for granted and know that they will have to keep going, right to the end!

Our Championship league is a lot closer with just five points separating 1st from 5th place and with four of those teams set to meat each other tonight, there could be a lot of movement coming the final whilst of the evening!

Such is the popularity of 6-a-side football in Braintree, we even have a League 1 for this great setup and I sees Not in your mum’s Forest lead the way by two points from he Gain Train, but the leaders have played an extra game which, could be their downfall in the end!

If you would like to get involved in this fantastic league, as you can see, we have a division that will suit any standard, from casual to pro. All you have to do is click here and apply. It’s FREE to join and we provide FA Qualified Referees, top quality Mitre match balls and bibs and we even throw in a FREE cup competition as well! Not bad for just one low fixed weekly match fee!

We do 6-a-side football … do you?

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