Some Tough Matches In Store Tonight!

We are only a couple of games into the new campaign in Winchester, but tonight the top two go head to head and someone will lose their 100% win record!

At the moment, Athletic Dildao sit above HSN FC and following a fine 7-1 win over Touch of Dutch last week, they will be feeling pretty confident. However, HSN, who beat The Kieron Tripper Appreciation Society 3-1 will be in no mood to just roll over and will be doing all in their power to make sure they come out on top.

There are also some other great games tonight as the bottom four are in action and will be looking to get their first points onboard!

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Should you have any questions, or maybe just want some more information, Jon Sykes is the League Organiser and he can be contacted via email at or by phone on 01937 841440.


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